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Biff Hooper:  When you want an Enforcer on your side, call on “Biff” Allen Hooper!  Biff is another friend of the Hardys’, and is always ready to help when needed.  He is tall [exactly how tall Biff is, is a subject for debate!], blonde, good-looking, well-built and has broad shoulders.  He has a wacky sense of humor, proof of which is the humorous quirk of his lips almost always in evidence, and the jokes and one-liners he cracks.  Biff plays football, baseball, and basketball, and has in the past owned a bloodhound which he called Sherlock.  He may take up a lot of space, but he’s all muscle, and as tough as they come!

Series:  Original, Blue Spines, Digests, Casefiles, Clues Brothers



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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The Hardy Boys Fan Fiction authors of the Hardy Detective Agency have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.