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Laura Hardy:  Laura is the slim, petite, attractive mother of Frank and Joe.  She has wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, like her younger son.  Being married to a man who was first a police officer and is now a private investigator cannot be easy, but Laura handles the job with grace and composure.  She has learned, over the years, to be calm in a crisis, and to accept the comings and goings of her famous husband and eager-to-be-famous sons with aplomb.  She also has had to cope with Aunt Gertrude, first as a long-term visitor, and later as a member of the household; having to do this is a credible argument for granting Laura Hardy early sainthood!  Age-wise, Laura is probably in her early forties.

.Series:  Original, Blue Spine, Digest, Casefiles, Clues Brothers, Undercover Brothers



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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The Hardy Boys Fan Fiction authors of the Hardy Detective Agency have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.