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Oscar Smuff:  Mr. Smuff appears in the first book, The Tower Treasure, and several others.  Originally a private detective-wanna-be who was working his way up to a position on the Bayport Police Force, he is said to be a short, plump man who inevitably wore a soft hat and a checked suit.  Slow-witted Smuff is in all ways a pitiful character, outsmarted and outmaneuvered time and again by the Hardys and their friends.  He also manages to irritate Fenton Hardy considerably by his interference in cases, and his suggestions that Mr. Hardy “share” information with him relative to these cases.  In later books, he has achieved his goal of becoming a police officer, and is bracketed with the early Officer Con Riley, both of whom are portrayed as bumbling idiots. 

Series:  Original, Blue Spine



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