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It was near fifteen after five when the boys returned to the main lobby. Frank scanned the list of things to do. They still had three rooms to set up in before getting their own sleeping area set up. Armed with another black case and flashlights, the boys made their way down the opposite hallway. Again, they walked past several doors that were locked. Joe was dying to know what was in those rooms, but he knew they had a job to do. No time for investigating now.

When they reached the end of this particular hallway, they were led to a door on the right. Frank opened the door and saw that the door was the opening to a staircase leading down.

"Oh great! It has a basement. What a great haunting place, a basement!" Joe quipped.

"Actually we are going down the area where they kept the patients, who were profoundly disabled according to this map," Frank pointed out as he turned on his flashlight.

"Why would they put them in a basement? I would think that would be cruel for even back then!" Joe remarked, noting the moldy smell of the brick as they walked down the wooden staircase.

When they reached the bottom, Frank let his light shine out. There before them was a single hallway, only big enough for a gurney. Wiping away the decades of cobwebs, Frank led the brother team down the small corridor to what looked like an observation deck. The room had only a window on one wall with the rest being solid. Frank shone his flashlight through the window, wiped off a patch of dust and put his face up to the window to peer in. He gasped at what he saw. Cages, nothing but cages.

"Oh my!" Joe said as he too peered through the dusty glass. He could feel his body tense up at the sight of the cages.

After taking in the sight, Frank again looked at the pamphlet for an explanation.


This is the profoundly disabled area. Unfortunately, the cages are actual cells that people were once housed in. Unknown to the outside world and to a few of the population, there are people who are born with hardly any use of their brains for one reason or another. These people are sometimes extremely animalistic and not only a danger to themselves, but to anyone or anything that comes into contact with them. There was truly no hope for any of these individuals who had to be caged up just to keep them safe. To this day, there are special places that house these types of disabilities in the same manner that are unknown to the general public. In order to get into one of these areas, you have to either be a doctor or caregiver. Each person was sworn to secrecy about this area and the people in it and the same goes for today. If the general public knew of their existence, it would not only be disturbing, but also create a "freak show" type environment. Hospitals today and even back then did not delight in allowing these patients to be treated like freaks to be stared down. So their whereabouts are kept secret. Relatives rarely visited these patients because you could simply not go near them. A patient in this state would not wear clothing or stand any human contact because of their animalistic and predator ways. In order to feed them, caregivers had to dump their food into the caged area with a stick like instrument. When the patient needed a bath, the caregivers would take a hose and water them down in his or her cage. Not one thing could be allowed in the pen for fear that the patient would cause bodily harm with it. The temperature of the room had to remain a constant 80 degrees since the patients were not clothed. Clothing would have been difficult since most of the patients were grossly disfigured and not formed properly. Some barely looked human. Unlike the other patients, these patients truly did not understand what they were missing out on since they simply lived like wild animals and hated any type of human interaction. It is said that these caged souls still lurk their cages, growling and pacing the very cages they once called home.


Joe felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck as Frank read the explanation of the cages.

"I can not believe that people are born that way," Joe said in disbelief. "How awful to never really live life at all."

"I donít know about you, but just hearing about these two rooms makes me feel blessed to be healthy," Frank said softly.

"I just hope they finally found some peace when they died," Joe commented.

"Afraid of the night my dear brother?"

"No," Joe fired back defensively. "I just really hope that they are enjoying themselves in Heaven, that is all. Too bad they canít send the criminals here to serve out their sentences. I bet they would learn their lesson well if they had to live like these poor people had to all their lives."

Frank agreed with his brotherís statement. As the boys made their way into one of the cages and set up the equipment, they could not wait to get up to the top floor, away from the rusty imprisonment.


The Hardy brothers wasted no time getting back to the lobby area. Neither boy felt comfortable near the cages.

"All this walking and stuff has me starved!" Joe commented as they reached for the third black case.

"You just ate!"

"I know. All this work has drained me."

"Well, we can eat AFTER we get all of this set up. I donít know about you, but I donít think that I want to wonder all over this building once nightfall sets in. We have about an hour more of any type of light at all. Thank goodness we have the setting sun to help there," Frank said as he looked for the next destination.

"So what spooked out room are we going to this time?" Joe asked, following Frank as he made his way to a flight of wooden stairs.

"We are going to the lobotomy and electric shock room," Frank replied.

"For some reason, I get the impression that I am not going to like these rooms either. You know of all the cases we have investigated, this has to be the most disturbing thing we have ever done," Joe said softly. Frank just remained silent. His silence let Joe know that Frank was feeling the same way.

After they reached the top of the cherry wood staircase, Frank led the pair down the hall and into a beautiful room. The room was a large room with windows that shaped into a small castle like tower. The wooden floors creaked as the Hardy brothers explored the room. On one side was a bunch of cabinets and counters while the other side sported various old surgical devices. In the ceiling over looking the metal operating table that still remained in the room, was a large skylight that lit up the entire room. Even though the sun was setting, the boys did not need their flashlights in the room. When he saw that the light was aimed directly on the metal table, Joe could not help but to relieve the tension of the room. Before Frank could even turn around, Joe jumped on the table and laid himself out flat. He looked up at the skylight and grinned, "Beam me up Scotty."

"Joe, quit fooling around," Frank said as he started to set up the equipment again. He was definitely not comfortable in this room and just wanted to get out of it.

"Joe Hardy, phone home," Joe said again, imitating E.Tís favorite line from the famous movie titled, "E.T".

"Joe, please," Frank said again, not looking at his brother.

"ITS ALIVE! MY FRANKENSTEIN IS ALIVE!" Joe called out again, acting out a Frankenstein scene from the famous movie.

"Joe, get off the table."

"Why? I am just trying to lighten up the mood there Oscar," Joe said with a sneer.

"I am just trying to get this job done for your information and you are too busy goofing around instead of helping me," Frank said with annoyed tone.

"Is Franky boy scared?" Joe said with a teasing quiver. "Is the famous facts only Frank Hardy getting spooked out over the unknown?"

Frank just sighed and did not even give his brother a glance. He just continued to hook the wiring up to the video camera and cassette player. It was then that he heard his brother gasping for air.

"Joe, cut it out. You are not funny."

But Joe did not stop. He continued to not only gasp for air, but pound on the metal table.


But again, Joe did not stop. Frank was finally fed up and was going to give Joe a piece of his mind. He angrily stood up and turned to face his younger brother.

"JOE! I CAN NOTÖ" Frank started to yell, but his anger soon turned to pure fear.

Joe Hardy was on the table, grabbing at his neck in the choking position. His eyes were wild with fear and he was struggling to breathe even one breath of air.


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