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Frank looked at his brotherís face in terror. Assuming that he was choking on something, Frank immediately grabbed Joe and put him in position for the Heimlick. Joe discouraged his brother from the first aid maneuver. Not knowing what else to do, Frank got Joe up off of the metal slab and gently guided him to the corner where he could prop him up against the wall. The younger Hardy was able to breathe once he was off the table. With tears rolling down his eyes, Joe took in huge gulps of air as Frank coached him. Frank did not want to see him hyperventilate. When Joe got his senses back, he looked over at Frank with a thankful glance.

"What happened? Did you choke on something or what?" Frank asked with concern in his eyes. Joe was still as white as a ghost and just as weak.

"Something was keeping me from breathing!" Joe said with a hoarse voice. His eyes were serious.

"Let me get this straight, are you saying that something tried to choke you?" Frank said with a somewhat joking attitude.

"It didnít try to choke me, whatever it was tried to smother me. It was like someone had put a pillow or something over my face and I could feel an awesome strength hold it right up against me," Joe answered with a slight tremor. It was clear that he was still a little shaken up over the ordeal. "I tried to get up, but it was like my body was strapped down or something. I could not move Frank! Everything felt heavy!"

While Frank could not find a logical explanation for the incident, he was positive that his brother was not joking around this time.

"Are you all right now?" Frank asked, not wanting to get into a heated discussion concerning the supernatural with his younger brother.

"Yeah, but I will feel much better once we get out of this room. It just gives me the creeps," Joe said looking around.

"You just sit here and catch your breath. I will finish setting up," Frank said as he got up to go back to the spot where he left the equipment. It was not too long before Joe was over next to him, peering out the large style tower bay windows. It was now dusk and Joe could just make out some of the scenery from the windows that extended up and down almost the whole tower shaped area. The view from the room was simply wonderful. While it did not look over the whole town of Athens, it did have a great view of the side woods, river and a graveyard.

"This room has a great view. Wonder what it was used for? You would think that this would have been the nursery since it has this great room and a lot of sunlight," Joe commented as he brushed his blond hair out of his eyes. "My guess it was some kind of hospital like thing. But the hospital is right across the river. It would have been safer to take them there and treat them you would think."

"I will look here in a minute," Frank replied as he hooked up the last wire into the video camera. Then Frank reached for the pamphlet and read the passage.

It was not uncommon back in the early 1900ís for doctors to try to "cure" the mentally insane with several methods. Since regular hospitals did not have the knowledge or room for such unstable patients, the Southern Ohio Psychiatric home did those procedures right here within the same walls.

The reasoning was good since it would upset the patients to be moved to an unfamiliar environment. It was in this room that electroshock therapy was first experimented with as a cure for mental illness. Patients would be brought into the room, strapped down to the table and shocked in hopes of stopping the madness in their heads. But many times this method was not successful and very painful. Patients would react violently when they realized what was going to happen. Some were even given too many does of shock therapy that it caused them to become "secluded hermits". One such patient was known as Emily. Emily had been a patient at the building ever since she was eleven. She was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia after many episodes. Emily was subjected to daily shock treatments, sometimes even three times a day. Every time the nurses came to get her, they had to restrain her to even get her to the room. One day while the doctor was performing the therapy; Emily was able to free herself from the leather straps that restrained the patients to the slab. As the doctor increased the voltage, Emily simply lost all control. Not able to catch her in time, Emily started to bang her head uncontrollably against the walls. Just as the doctor cornered her in the bay window area, Emily let out a pain-shrieking scream that was heard all over the hospital. She turned and literally ran through one of the windows and fell to her death. Electroshock therapy was not used as much after that incident and bars were placed on the windows. Not too long after the hospital was slated to close, the bars were removed for unknown reasons. It was a theory that it was to cover for the allegations of cruelty.

Not too long after Emilyís death, the surgical procedure known as "lobotomy" was practiced at the hospital. It was a procedure where surgeons would remove parts or whole halves of the brain in hopes of removing the "damaged" section. It was believed that if the damaged section were removed, the patient would be cured. The procedure was performed in other areas, but the hospital was not in the best financial shape. The hospital contracted students who were learning how to perform the procedure to do the lobotomies without any supervision in some cases. Since the patients were not seen as "human" by many, this led to the mistreatment of patients. Patients were often wheeled into the lobotomy room, strapped down to the table with leather straps and "gassed" instead of being intravenously sedated. Some patients even woke up in the middle of the procedure in pain and extreme fear. It was then that sometimes patients were put to sleep by a smothering method or simply gassed again. Either way, a lot of patients died and became worse after many of these "botched" surgeries. It was always said that the most beautiful room in the building was the gloomiest and most feared of all.

Joe looked at his brother. He could feel his blood run cold as he thought about all of the many horrid things that happened on the very table he was lying on.

"That is too creepy Frank," he finally said. "I felt like I was strapped and that someone was holding something over my mouth."

Frank didnít say anything. He really didnít know what to say. He just knew that there was a reason for what happened and it was not ghosts. But he did not feel like arguing with his brother. They had a job to do and one more place to set up. As it was, they would be setting up under the light of a flashlight.

"Letís just get to the graveyard and get settled in for the night," Frank commented and started for the door.

"Thank goodness! I never want to come back in this room again. I feel like I could feel death," Joe said with a shudder. He was never happier to leave a room in his life and go outside in the fresh autumn air, even if it was in a graveyard.

Frank almost had to chuckle as his younger brother led the way back to the lobby area. He knew that Joe was more open to the paranormal, but Frank needed facts. And so far, there were no actual facts. But something was definitely not quite right.

Back in the lobby, Joe grabbed the next case and started for the front door. He wanted out of that building, even if it was just for a little while. Frank just followed his younger brother with a silent wide grin. Joe knew that Frank was secretly smirking at him, but he didnít care. SOMETHING definitely tried to suck the air of his body and he did not really want to meet up with it again, no matter what it was. The brothers went out into the night air armed only with flashlights to the hospital graveyard on the right of the hospital. After going through many weeds and brush, they finally reached the gates of the rather large cemetery that was the eternal resting place of ninety nine percent of the patients. While there were some underground graves, there were many that were housed in several mausoleums. Frank walked up to one of the mausoleums and peered inside the exposed door.

"I just think that these things are the neatest buildings. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes," Frank said as he read the inscriptions on the wall. Each patientís name was displayed on the outside wall of each of the small mausoleums. But that was all that was there, just their names and ages. The dark-haired Hardy could not but help feel sad for the patients since that was all each patient got was a spot and a small name and number.

"They are neat to look at, but I sure donít want to be in one!" Joe quipped. Frank could tell that Joe was still a little nervous about their surroundings, but still chose not to say anything. ĎLetís just get things set up and get this night over with as soon as possible."

Frank stopped looking around and opened the case. Both brothers started to set up the equipment when Frank noticed that there was a wire missing.

"Joe, stay here while I go back to the car to get a spare wire from the spare parts box," Frank said as he stood up.


Frank chuckled, but Joe was not amused and gave him a stern look of disapproval.

"Fine, you go back to the car and I will finish getting things set up," Frank replied. Joe reluctantly agreed and disappeared into the brush. Frank set up the camera on the tripod. Since Joe was still getting the wire, Frank chose to take some time to check out a mausoleum about four spaces over from where they were setting up. As he walked up the stone building, he noticed that it contained five bodies out of six spots. The metal door was slightly ajar, leaving the inside of the mausoleum easily accessible. Frank had never seen the inside of a mausoleum up close so he gently opened the door and shone his flashlight into the little room. The floor was made of stone and the slabs put Frank in mind of a cabinet system. On the roof of the building was a painted picture of a cross with red roses around it. Frank had to admire the fine art work that had withstood time and elements. He slowly read off the names of the deceased to himself.

Sylvester Knolls, age 56

Caroline Casey, age 21

Rebekkah Shilbert, age 12

Jessie Tolbert, age 45

His light then illuminated that last name on the last slab in the small structure. Unlike the other slabs, this one was written on with various messages in crayon. Messages like "the anointed one", "the chosen one", and "she will rise again" were all written in crayons along with other messages that Frank was unable to read. Next to her name was a crayon drawn rose. Whoever did the rose did a beautiful job with it and was very detailed even down to a small drop of dew on one of the petals.

"Lady Brackman," the oldest brother said to himself. "It looks like you were a favorite of someone."

Just as the last syllable left Frankís mouth, the door on the mausoleum slammed shut with a deafening thud. Running over to the door, Frank tripped over something and fell onto the hard stone floor. It was then that something dropped onto him, knocking him all the way to the ground senseless. He was able to turn himself over to try to focus his eyesight, but he was not prepared for what he saw. Instead of seeing the darkness of the night or the beam of his flashlight, Frank saw a gray mist over his face. But instead of feeling fear, he felt a sense of calmness. Then he felt something cold brush him across the cheeks like someone was stroking his face to calm him.

What in the world is going on! What is that! Frank thought.

That was the last thing that went through Frank Hardyís mind as the world went dark and the silence of the night engulfed his presence.

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