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Seventeen year old Joe Hardy was on his way back from the car with the spare wire for the final video hook up. All he could think of was how much he just wanted this whole thing to be over with and they could be back on their way home and away from this freaky place. The incident in the lobotomy room was enough to make him feel very scared, even though he was not sure what he was scared of in the first place. He did not see anything, but he just felt like someone had strapped his arms down and was holding something over his mouth. The more he struggled, the harder it became to breathe. Then there was the coldness. A damp unnatural coldness that he felt grip his whole body. Maybe it was just his imagination, but if it was, then why couldnít he shake it from his mind. For a moment, he thought about sitting Frank down and talking to him about his experience. But he knew what Frank was going to say. He was going to start telling him the "mind can be a very powerful and whimsical thing" speech. Joe was sick of that speech. Why did his brother have to be so "scientific"! So not wanting to deal with the teasing, Joe decided to just keep his experience to himself until he had some time alone with Professor Zane. If anyone would listen it would be him. What really topped off Joeís uneasiness was hearing what was said about the room in the pamphlet.

Did I experience something that all those patients did a long time ago?

Joe thought about that thought and then laughed to himself.

Maybe I am just putting too much into this. Maybe it was the dust or something that caused me to feel that way. But I have never had any problems before?

Not wanting to think about it anymore, Joe set his mind to other things. Like spending time on the campus and in the area after this night was over. He was bound and determined to have a good time before they had to return to good olí Bayport High on Monday.

When Joe finally returned to where he last saw his brother, he noticed that Frank was not there. He took his flashlight and shone it around, but saw no trace of his brother.

Oh this is great! I am in the middle of a cemetery of the mentally insane that is supposed to be haunted in the dark and my brother is gone. This is just terrific!

Joe was positive that Frank was taking advantage of his leariness of the place. Frank did things like that. Everyone thought that he was the one who did the most torture, but that was not true. Frank liked to torture him every chance he could. Of course, no one would believe that serious minded Frank who loved his little brother dearly would ever do anything like that, but Joe knew another side to his older brother. Frank was a jokester, especially when he was the object of the joke. So Joe just started to hook up the video equipment.

"That is fine big brother. I know what you are up to and I am not falling for it. You had just better come out from wherever you are and letís get this over with because Joe Hardy is not falling for it," Joe said out loud as he finished the job. It took about ten minutes, but Joe finally finished the job. He packed up the cases and looked around again. There was still no sign of Frank, not even a sound. The only sound Joe heard was the sound of the highway that was nearby. Other than that, it was a silent and crisp autumn night.

"Frank! This is enough! I know what you are doing and I am going back to the car if you donít come out of wherever you are right now!" But there was no response.

"I mean it Frank! I am going back. See, I am picking up the cases and I am turning to walk back! You are either with me or without me!" But there was still no response. Joe wanted to call Frankís bluff, but a part of him felt uneasy. He could not leave Frank out there, no matter what.

"Fine, I will play your game of hide and seek, but remember, I know what you are up to!" Joe called out. "You just want to make a fool out of me because of what happened in there. I will let you get your kicks this time, but revenge will be mine. Even if it takes seventy-five years, I will get revenge!"

Joe walked around the graveyard and shone his flashlight in all the little nooks, but there was no sign of Frank anywhere. The more he looked, the more uneasy Joe started to feel.

What if something did happen to him? What if whatever got to him, got Frank too? What ifÖÖ.

These "what ifs" drove Joe even more to find his brother. Joe kept looking for anything unusual. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until he saw that one of the mauselumís door was wide open. Joe did not remember any of the buildings having a door open when the boys first glanced at them. Swallowing his fear, Joe walked over to the open door and slowly pushed it the rest of the way open. He shone his flashlight into the crypt and jumped back. His heart jumped out of his throat when he saw Frank motionless on the floor of the old building.

"FRANK!" he screamed as he went to his brotherís side. He immediately dragged him out of the old mausleum and knelt down beside the older boy. "FRANK! WAKE UP!" Joe said as he smacked his brotherís face. Frank had already started to stir and had one eye open.


"Its me! What happened? Are you all right?" Joe asked in a concerned voice as he helped his brother up into a sitting position.

"Could you please lower your voice! You could wake the dead you know," Frank groggily replied. Then he felt around on the top of his head.

"Funny pun. You must be all right if you are making those types of remarks," Joe snorted back. "So what happened?"

Frank relayed the past events to his brother, who sat there wide eyed at the story.

"You mean you saw a ghost?" Joe finally asked.

"I never said I saw a ghost. It could have just been a figment of my imagination, besides the fact that I was hit on the head by something," Frank retorted. He did not want to jump to any conclusions. Joe got up and went into the masuleum before Frank could discourage him. Joe was only gone a matter of seconds when he pointed out a small piece of the interior roof had fallen about where Frank would have been standing.

"I bet that is what hit you, but it is really not all that big," Joe pointed out. Then he looked through his brotherís hair as he held the flashlight in his mouth. "Thars na ta bum ohm yah ead."

"WHAT?" Frank asked, wincing as Joe hit the sore spot.

"Tharz natin tha Fwak."

"Speak English Joe! Has this place got to your brain or something?" Frank said with an annoyed tone.

Joe took the flashlight out of his mouth and laid it on the ground next to the brothers. It was then Frank realized the problem.

"I SAID there is nothing there Frank," Joe replied back. "I would think that if you was hit enough to knock you out, that you would have some swelling or at least a mark somewhere. But I donít see anything. Do you want to go to the hospital?"

"No, I am fine" Frank said as he stood up and brushed himself off. "Lord only knows what happened. It is an old building. Did you finish setting up everything?"

"Yes, I thought you were messing around with me. So I went on ahead and did it. Then when I noticed that you were not coming, I figured I had better check things out," Joe commented. Then he turned to Frank with his flashlight. "Are you sure you are all right?"

After Frank assured him he was fine, the boys gathered their equipment and returned to the lobby area of the main building.

But the boys did not leave the cemeteryÖ alone.


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