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June 2, 2008

What would any Detective Agency be without a whole bounty of vehicles and equipment to choose from?  Here are some pictures of several of the vehicles mentioned both in the original, digests & Casefiles as well as in the various works of fan fiction.  If you want one added here, just go down to the contacts links and let us know.



The Original Hardy Car

The Yellow Sedan.  It's been through heck as a car and was eventually blown up in the very first Casefile - the pivotal event for the modern Hardy Boys.  The books never went into a lot of details on the sedan so the exact year and model and type of car is not known.  The car was given to the Hardy's by...

The Black Van

The Black Van has replaced the yellow sedan in both the digests and the Casefiles.  In both it is an old, converted, police van that has some rather nice hiding places and storage places for the Hardy's tools.  









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